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Dear Friends:

I wanted to thank you for your wonderful support of my campaign for Governor. Despite the outcome, the campaign was one of the greatest experiences of my life. My heart is full of gratitude for all of the amazing Pennsylvanians I was able to meet all across our Commonwealth.
I got into this race because I love Pennsylvania, and after this campaign I love it even more.
Behind every hand that I was honored to shake in the campaign was a person, a family, a neighborhood, and a community. No matter what corner of the Commonwealth I traveled to, I was always inspired by the solid core of goodness that permeates Pennsylvania. That is what drove me to run for office in the first place – and drove me to press on and never give up. There was no quit in me, because there is no quit in Pennsylvanians.
The law abiding, freedom loving, hardworking Pennsylvanians will always define our state – and our values will endure and outlast any campaign.
I will continue to stay involved in public and community service to make Pennsylvania the greatest place in the country to live, work, and raise a family. That’s the commitment that our Commonwealth's challenges demand, and that the people of Pennsylvania deserve.

Part of that is my personal commitment to all of you. I can’t thank you enough for encouraging me, and for your steadfast support throughout this journey. I promise that I will always strive to be worthy of your trust, and that I will always be loyal to you and our ideals.
Thank you, and God Bless you.
Your friend,

Bill McSwain